Object Scanning

We specialize in creating high-fidelity 3D assets by using Photogrammetry, a scanning process based on high-resolution imagery. Unlike laser scanning, Photogrammetry produces highly accurate textures with superior colors. This makes it ideal for objects and spaces where texture fidelity is as important as it’s corresponding geometry, and for locations where fixed-wing lidar is cost prohibitive.

Uses include the scanning of products, designs, sculptures, artworks, artifacts, land areas and urban spaces. The resulting scans can then be used for interactive viewing, digital archiving, land management, off location assessment, insurance documentation and asset generation for film, advertising, TV or game content.


We scan objects and spaces using hundreds of high-resolution DSLR and drone images, from which high-density 3D point clouds are created.

Geometry Reconstruction

A highly detailed 3D model is then calculated from the point cloud data.

Surface Reconstruction

Accurate high-resolution texture maps are generated and surface properties re-created.

Smart Polygon Reduction

The object and it’s textures are then optimized for their intended viewing purpose: VR/AR applications, Web3D, game engines, engineering or film environments… each requiring individual optimization and delivery, balancing integrity and quality with functional use and playback.

For example, for the use in real-time applications like VR or AR, we reduce the polygon count of the scanned high-res object considerably. Using an adaptive reduction algorithm, we’re able to preserve detail where it matters most. All remaining detail is then offset into normal maps, allowing for maximum detail retention while maintaining real-time playback.

Our recent ArtExpoVR project is a great reference for the quality of our pipeline. Showing Reality Capture object archiving to optimized renders via Unreal Engine 4, live-play mobile phone Augmented Reality and VR interaction with a PC / HTC Vive headset.